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IMPORTANT MESSAGE - End of SSA Centrally Funded PLD

We have been advised by the Ministry of Education that the Secondary Student Achievement (SSA) PLD contract will end in December this year, after 5 years. The Ministry is introducing a new system for centrally-funded PLD that focuses on national priority areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and digital fluency. Schools are at present writing their proposals for the first round of funding due 28 October, so it is important for you to be talking to your senior management team about how you can be involved, for example, in the area of digital fluency. More information about the future of PLD can be found at this Ministry website:
Proposals for the second round of funding are due in between 28 February, 2017 - 3 March, 2017, dependent on your area. See the above website for further details, search for Key Dates.
If you would like support in writing a proposal, contact, please contact the National Co-ordinator.

I have been privileged to be involved with the SSA PLD contract for the last 5 years and wish to acknowledge the superb work of the other National Co-ordinators and Facilitators: Dee Edwards, Jo Guthrie, Siliva Gaugatao, Deb Ward and Belinda Sydenham.

Here is information about the Secondary Student Achievement Contract and the contact details of the National Co-ordinators and Facilitators for Learning Languages in your regions.

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It would be great to receive your feedback if you have found this wiki to be a useful tool in your Professional Learning and Development as a Learning Languages professional or if there are resources you have not found here but feel would be useful. Your contributions are always welcome and we especially encourage you to contribute moderated assessment tasks to share with your colleagues.
Our thanks to Dee Edwards who has been the driving force in setting up and updating this wiki.

You can contact us at jeni.lemberg@canterbury.ac.nz

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